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Through Music

Every 3.5 minutes, another Australian child receives child protection services    17.7% of children in Australia are living in poverty    Approx. 43,400 Australian children are living in out-of-home care Each year, approximately 1/5 Australians experience a mental illness Mental illnesses are the third leading cause of disability liability in Australia

Poverty, child abuse, neglect, mental illness, isolation and marginalisation are real and confronting issues in Australia, with implications for families, communities and the general population.

Those affected deserve not only safety, compassion and practical support, but opportunities to process their experiences, build self-esteem, and develop positive life changing skills and confidence to make sense of, function in, and contribute positively to their world. Our program is the better kid care, which has already been appreciated by thousands of parents.

Qualified staff at PaKT4Change create music opportunities that address developmental, relational, neurobiological and wellbeing needs and goals.   Rhythm training, improvisation, song writing, movement, singing, healthy music listening and music sharing encourage participants to explore their sense of self, strengthen their relationships, and to develop self-regulation, self-compassion, and resilience.

Music is a fun and accessible tool offering kids the childhood experiences they deserve whilst supporting trauma recovery and overall development.

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